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Date: Monday May the 28th, 2018 



Wacky, creepy, and just-plain baffling bathroom photos from real estate listings

September 5, 2014 - Updated: September 5, 2014

Funny Real Estate: 10 (Kinda Baffling) Bathrooms For Sale


10 Baffling Bathrooms in the Real Estate Listings |

1 & 2. If you have this many mirrors in your bathroom, you’d better like yourself. A lot.

Funny Real Estate-mirrored bathroom


3. Here’s your chance to bathe like royalty in a tub lined with velvet:

Funny Real Estate-Pink Sink and Fabric in Tub


4. The listing for this bath-kitchen combo raves, “City living at its best!”

Funny Real Estate-Kitchen and Bath Combo in Sydney AU


5. This one comes with what appears to be a built-in foot bath:

Funny Real Estate-small tub with viewing area


6. A toilet in the shower would be a time-saving setup, I guess:

Funny Real Estate-toilet in shower stall


7. Beyond resale, tiling your shower like this a bad idea on so many levels…

Funny Real Estate-Nazi symbol in shower


8. For those who don’t mind riding side-saddle:

Funny Real Estate-tiny bathroom in Ottawa


9. This one comes with granite countertops and a curse on all who enter:

Funny Real Estate-shrunken voodoo head in bathroom


10. There is such a thing as getting too creative when designing a bathroom:

Funny Real Estate - Unusual Bathroom Vanity with Steps to Tub |



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